Sniffing out an April Fool – Google Nose is in Beta!

Happy Aprils fools day from Google who are now bringing there search expertise to the world of smell! They have just launched Google Nose Beta and I’m sure plenty of people will be Scratching there heads wondering how the search giant can integrate small into there search results. I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news but this is an April fools day joke. What a brilliant concept though and I’m sure, in future, Google will take Google Nose Beta out of Beta and into the real world if developments in Digital Scent Technology continue.

Google Nose April Fool

Google Nose April Fool


Google have gone to town with Google Nose, creating the strap line “Smelling is Believing” a nice, subtle April Fool double entendre! They making a video claiming they have now realised “Photo, auditory, olfactory convergence”!

Google are now stranger to April Fools, last year they introduced to Google Map Quest, the 8-bit version of Google Maps as well as Chrome Multitask Mode which took advantage of two mice!

I’m sure this is the just the start of many April Fools we’ll see playout throughout the day but credit to Google for the effort they have put into Google Nose Beta, I wonder what they’ll think of next year? Google Telepathy maybe?

One thought on “Sniffing out an April Fool – Google Nose is in Beta!

  1. Lmao! You got me good early in the morning Google! I dont know how many times I pressed my nose to the screen lol! Good one Google!

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